Eat & Save

As a person who likes cooking  i'm concerned about the Health and the budget of my Family , I've been looking for ways to make it work as eating good and save at the same time is a Possible thing  if we understand the Harmonious relationship that can goes between shopping and cooking .
Here are some tips that personally helped me Understand and Learn how the management work :

Planing meals once a week:

Think about what you want to eat during the week , get the recipes and prepare your grocery list based on that after looking in your Fridge of what you can use already . in the Same time stay tuned on Sales so you can plan your meals around that.
Planing will help you stay Organized and determined on what you really need.

Learn to Balance:

If you have an Expensive ingredient you can pair it up with something inexpensive like ( rice, pasta , other grains) that will help you bring back the price down Specially if you get your products on the Sale days.

Think about other Proteins:

Not every Dinner needs to have a meat course, you can make dinners with other Protein-rich source , Such as Beans , Eggs ,Cheese, Lentils , Nuts and Seeds or Bread and Pasta ..etc , make 1 or 2 days of your week a vegetarian day.


As a method of Saving it's also Important for Weight management as it can be a life Saver ( Do not over eat -and- Do not stay hungry) but Eat a Healthy Balance of amount and Types of varied Foods.

Use your Leftovers:

Many People don't like the leftovers , but what they don't know that even in a restaurant they could be eating  a food that is not Prepared from scratch that day .. If we store the Food Properly it stays Safe and Delicious.

Economical Sides and Starters: 

If we Think about Bread, we can see that it's a very Good Sides quick and easy at the Same time , and it is even better if you make the Bread yourself.

The Wise shopping:

When you will start to cook more you will be conscious about your budget as you will be able to make the mental Prices List of your commonly purchased Items Also you will be able to know the stores that offer the best Prices for Such or Such food (Canned , Frozen , or Packaged one  ).

To Price your Portion :

Well This may Help more those who are beginners in their life management  which is very easy and will come by Practice. 
As we all know at First The Price of your Portion will depend on your area and Local markets prices also the size of your Portion it self cos women unlike  men for example sometimes they don't eat the same quantity of Food some people may need more in their plates than we do .. Also if you like to make a quick shopping it may cost you more than looking around in different stores with sales or just those of lower costs.
You will know the Cost of your Portion through your recipe Cost and servings 

Recipe cost / Number of servings = Portion Cost

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