Monday, October 8, 2012

Chili Chicken

A very popular Indo-Chinese dish, Chili- Chicken is one of the Chinese  food that has been adapted in India. It goes great with rice. 


1       Boneless Chicken Breast Cut into Fingers or medium size Cubes
4       Garlic Cloves Minced (Divided by 2)
2       Sliced Chilies 
2        Seeded and Sliced green medium Capsicum
2        Sliced medium onions 
2        TBS  chili Sauce
2        TBS soy Sauce (Divided)
1         Egg Beaten 
1/2      Cup water or Chicken Stock or Vegetable Stock 
1&1/2Teaspoon Cornstarch Mixed in 1/2 cup of water
1         Teaspoon vinegar
3          Mushrooms cut into small cubes ( Optional to add richness to the Dish)
Crushed Black Peppercorn
Salt to taste 
Olive Oil
Oil to fry


1-  Marinade the boneless chicken in 1 TBS soy Sauce + 2 garlic Cloves minced + 1 Teaspoon salt .

2- Dip the chicken in the Egg then in Flour , and deep fry until Golden.

3- Heat 1 TBS Olive oil in a deep pan add the Onion and the garlic an saute for 1 min add the Mushrooms , the chilies , Capsicums , 1 TBS soy sauce , 2 TBS chili Sauce ,and stir , add the water ( or the chicken/Vegetable stock) Bring the Mixture to boil.

4- After that Add the Cornstarch/water Mixture , Stir to mix it with the remaining ingredients ,add salt and Crushed Black Peppercorn, let it thicken little bit then add the 1 Teaspoon of vinegar and the fried chicken bites and Toss. 

5- Bring it to Boil , and serve Hot over Rice .


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