Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Herbs Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken breasts marinated in spices and herbs , This Lebanese recipes Bring the chicken Sandwich to an other Level , Plus it's very easy to make !


1    TBS Mayonnaise
1    Teaspoon Cumin 
1    Teaspoon Paprika
1    Teaspoon Salt 
1    TBS Oregano
3    TBS Olive Oil
Chicken Breasts
Lettuce Leaves 
Mustard or any sauce of Your Choice "For example : mayonnaise, mustard and rosemary"
Olives to decorate if desired 
Bread of your Choice ( i used Ciabatta Sandwiches Bread)


1- In a Bowl Mix the mayonnaise , Cumin, Paprika , Salt , Oregano , an Olive oil , Then add the Chicken Breasts , and let aside for 30 min .

2- Grill your Chicken in outside or indoors Grill , Put a layer of the sauce of your Choice in your Bread then the Lettuce leaves  and the chicken Breast .

3- Serve with some Salad and Fried potatoes .

Enjoy !

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