Monday, December 17, 2012

Moroccan chicken Rolls

These rolls are based on bastilla- a phyllo-crusted "pie" of shredded chicken that's been simmered with Moroccan spices and then mixed with egg and nuts. The egg lends the filling an almost custard-like richness.
In this Recipe i used the Vermicelli and some mushrooms with the Chicken.  


1    Whole Chicken , Cleaned , Drained and cut into Peaces
1    Chopped Onion
2    TBS chopped cilantro and parsley 
1    Teaspoon salt 
1    Teaspoon Ginger
1    Teaspoon Black pepper 
1    Teaspoon Turmeric 
1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon 
1/2 Teaspoon of Pure Saffron in 2 TBS water 
2    Cloves of Garlic Minced
1    Cup of Water
1/2 Cup Cooked vermicelli 
1/2 Cup of Chopped  Mushrooms
phyllo dough , Spring rolls or Egg rolls sheets ( I used the Egg rolls )
Olive Oil
Melted Butter or an Egg to Form The rolls
Ground White Sugar
Ground Cinnamon


1- in deep pan with a cover , in medium Heat  poor a 2 TBS of olive oil add the Onion , Minced Garlic and the Chicken Add the salt , Black pepper  , Turmeric , Ginger , Chopped parsley and cilantro , Mix your chicken in the spices and poor the pure Saffron and Mix again.

2- Add the 1 Cup of water and Cover let it simmer for about 30 min then Add the Mushrooms and cover again and let simmer for an other 30 min.

3- After 1 Hour your Chicken will be done , Transfer chicken with tongs to a bowl, reserving cooking liquid.When cool enough to handle, shred chicken, discarding skin and bones, and transfer to the cooking liquid in your saucepan , Add the Cooked Vermicelli and Mix well all the ingredients.

4- Put 1 phyllo sheet on a work surface Halve buttered phyllo stack crosswise, then arrange 1 half with a long side nearest you. Spread 1/4 cup chicken filling in a narrow strip along edge nearest you, then roll up filling tightly in phyllo, Brush the edge with egg Yolk to close it. If you use the Egg rolls Follow the same steps to Roll an Egg roll.

5- Heat the Frying Oil in deep Frying pan and make sure you Flip your Moroccan Chicken rolls so they can be Golden Brown From Each side Once they are Done, remove to Absorbent Paper to remove any access of Oil , when it cool Sprinkle with ground white sugar and some Cinnamon if Desired !


P.S: If you Choose to bake the Rolls , Brush each one with some melted Butter and Bake in a preheated 350°F oven Until Golden Brown .

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