Friday, June 29, 2012

chocolate Roll-cake

In fact i tried many roll-cakes recipes but none was as perfect as this one i just keep doing it over and over again it is so moist and delicious .

Ingredients :

for the cake :
6 eggs 
10 Tbs flour 
10 Tbs Sugar
3Tbs cocoa Powder
2Tbs milk
2Tea spoon baking powder
2 Tea spoon vanilla extract

 for the syrup :

1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup water 
2 Tea spoon Vanilla extract
pour the ingredients in a pan and bring to Boil for 15 min 

for the Cream :

500ml chilled whipped Cream
3Tbs   powdered Sugar 

Steps :

1- Separate whites and Yolks 
wisk the Yolks and Sugar very well add milk and Cocoa powder then add the Sifted Flour and the baking powder
2- Beat the egg whites until firm with pinch of salt or Tartar
Stir preparation N2 with preparation N1 gently 
3-pour into into buttered Pan (12x17) with non-stick cooking sheet and Bake in Preheated Oven 360 degree F for 35 Min.
in the mean time:
4- prepare the whipped Cream :  whip the Cream well chilled in a very Cold Bowl add the powdered Sugar once the cream start the thicken add vanilla extract ( or melted chocolate) .
5- Assemble the cake after u get the cake out from the oven let it cool bit then pour the Syrup slowly on all of it then roll it slowly to not brake it and to prepare it shape. 
6-unroll the cake spread a layer of the whipped Cream and Roll it then cover with cream and decorate as you like .
put at least for 2 hours in the freezer before serving .

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