Friday, June 29, 2012

Vegetarian Pita Bread Pizza

One of the easiest things to Cook is a Pita Bread Pizza style.. Vegetarian or not whenever i'm in rush or tired it is always one of my Options !.


For  1 Large or Small pitta Bread 
       Tomato Sauce
       Black Olives
       Mexican cheese (or the cheese of your Choice). 
 1/4 Chopped Onion 
 1/4 Chopped green Onion 
   1  Chopped Mushroom
        Salt & Pepper 
        Italian Seasoning herbs ( or thyme If available )

Steps :

1-Preheat the over on 350F
2-Put a Layer of  the Tomato Sauce on the Pita Bread with some Salt and Pepper.
3-Then add a Layer of Onions and Green Peppers and Mushrooms and the Black Olives.
4-Put the Pita bread Pizza in the Oven to cook the vegetables for about 15 min ..then Add the cheese and the Herbs Seasoning and put it back until the Cheese melt .
Serve Hot alone or with any other Side of your Choice. 

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