Friday, June 29, 2012


Coleslaw Salad is my favorite Specialy with burgers and Sandwiches or Fried Fish , i Got this recipe through the Internet it's a Clone for KFC coleslaw that turned up to be pretty Good with some adjusting.


1/2   Head Shredded Cabbage 
1      medium carrot cut in Small cubes
1      Tbs chopped onion
1/3   Cup mayonnaise 
2      Tbs granulated Sugar
1      Tbs Milk 
1       Tbs buttermilk
1       Teaspoon lemon juice
1       Teaspoon white vinegar
1       Stalk celery (or celery salt )
         Salt & Pepper to Taste 


1-Make sure that the cabbage , the carrot , the Onion & the celery Stalk are cut into a very small pieces 
2-Combine  the mayonnaise the milk and the buttermilk , the lemon juice , the vinegar , Salt & Pepper and (the Celery salt if used) in large bowl and Beat until smooth.
3-Add cabbage , carrot , Onion and celery stalk (if used instead of the celery salt).
4-Cover and refrigerate at least for 2 Hours before Serving . 

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