Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Boccucce d'angelo

Those Italian Cookies are perfect For a tea Time , Normally they use Half candied cherries  for the decoration but i used little bit of strawberry Jam. 


1 & 1/2  Cup all purpose Flour ( you may need little bit More to get the dough)
13          TBS Butter (room temperature)
1/2         Cup Sugar
3            Egg yolks
candied cherries or Jam


1- Using an Electric mixer Cream the butter  and the Sugar very well. 

2- Add the yolks and mix well.

3- Finally add the flour gradually. Gently mix everything together and form a dough.

4- Then form small balls the size of a very small ball , then make a small hole with your finger in the middle of it .

5 -  Place on a baking Pan with parchment paper and decorate with candied cherries or little bit of the Jam . Bake on 350F for about 20 minutes. Closely monitor the cooking because they cook fast enough! They should be barely golden!


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