Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Homemade Preserved Peppers

This is a Moroccan style Homemade Preserved Sweet peppers They are so Tasty & Already the smell that emanates from the jar makes you want to taste them before time.


1            Cup white vinegar
3 & 1/2 Cups Bell Peppers ( Green, red , yellow)
200 ml  Olive Oil 
2            Garlic Gloves
2             Bay Leaves
1 & 1/2  Teaspoon Sugar
Salt  to  Taste


1 - First clean & wash the peppers ,Carefully remove all the small seeds and the white Lines who are in the middle of each pepper ,Then slice it.

2- In a saucepan bring all ingredients listed : Vinegar , Olive oil , Garlic , Sugar and Salt and bring to boil, Then Turn off the Heat  add the peppers and leave 3 to 5 minutes.

3- Finally, after 3 minutes, put your peppers into small jars or in a large jar like me and pour the boiling liquid & Cover your Peppers.

4- Keep it well Close in your pantry For 3 to 4 days and the More we let them marinate the better they taste.

P.S: it serve to complement our pizzas or quiches or pies or Sandwiches. 
         No need to refrigerate 

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