Sunday, July 29, 2012

Curry Rice

In this rice dish, green & Red Peppers give great colors, & the mild curry flavor pleases all palates.


2         Cups Basmati Rice 
4         TBS butter or Olive oil
1          Medium chopped Onion
1/2       Chopped green pepper
1/2       Chopped red pepper
1          TBS tomato paste
1&1/2  Curry powder
1          Teaspoon Turmeric
1&1/2  Teaspoon Salt 
3           Cups vegetable stock
1           Cup Green peas 


1- Wash the rice by water twice , let it rest in warm salted water for 20 min.

2- Over medium heat , heat the olive oil in the Pan , Add Onion , saute for 5 min , then Add the green and the Red Peppers , Add the Tomato Paste and the curry powder, Salt & the Turmeric 

3-Drain your Rice From the water , Add to the First Mixture and stir.

4- Add the water , and reduce the Heat , Cover your Pan and let your Rice cook for 15 min.

5- After that Wash the peas in warm water and Add them over your Rice, Cover and let it Cook for an other 10 min & Serve Hot.

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