Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Panini Bread

A panini is a small Italian sandwich that is served on small, hearty, textured bread, It is generally Baked in very low Temperature then grilled using a Panini press.


(for 5 medium Panini Bread)

2  Cups All purpose Flour
1  Teaspoon Salt 
1  Tablespoon Sugar
4  TBS Olive oil
1  Sachet quick rising yeast 
1   Cup warm water 


1- Mix the Sugar , olive oil & the quick rising yeast into big Cup add some warm water and let aside 5 min .

2- In an other boil Mix Flour and the salt.
3- Add the wet ingredients into the dry one 
add the necessary water to gather the dough ( you may need more or less keep the eye on it cos the dough should be smooth ).

4- let rise for 1 Hour .

5- after it rise make small pieces and  Flat each one into circle then joint the opposit sides 2 times and knead into a long roll shape put them into large non stick Pan and let them aside for 30 min to rise.

6- then Bake for 25 min at 250 F degrees.

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