Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nancy's Potato Salad

This is potato salad the old fashioned way - with eggs, celery and pickles is a beautiful combination of Flavors.


6-10 Red Potatoes
3       Boiled Eggs
2       Green Onions
1       Cup celery
1/4    Cup diced pickle relish
1       Teaspoon Mustard
1        Cup mayonnaise (Hellmann's)


1- Boil the Red Potatoes About 20 min until part tender, then peal and dice them Hot .

2-Add the chopped green Onions + celery +pickle relish + 2 diced boiled Eggs.

3-Add the mustard and the mayonnaise (Hellmann's) and stir into Potatoes mixture, Add Salt and Pepper to Taste .(Add more mayonnaise id Salad seems too Dry) 

4- Slice the last hard boiled Egg to decorate the Top of your Salad.

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