Monday, July 2, 2012

Italian Soup

This Recipe is From "Unity Inn Healthy recipes", I    add some other Vegetables to it to make it more Rich.

Ingredients :

1    Quart Vegetable stock (Or just water) = 250 ml
1    Can Diced Tomatoes 
1    Onion 
1/3 Cup Flour
Small Bay leaf 
3     Sprigs thyme
1/4  Cup Carrot
1/4  Cup Celery
1/4  Cup Peas 
1/4  Cup sweet pepper
3     TBS Black or White Beans
1      Cup Macaroni (Boiled & Drained)
3      Cloves
3      TBS butter
Salt and Pepper to Taste 


1- Cook the Onion and Celery in the Butter for 5 min
2- Add Flour , bay leaf , cloves and thyme & cook for 3 min
3- Add Diced tomatoes , Peas , Carrots ,  Vegetable stock and cook for one Hour , on reduced Heat.
4- Add the Beans and the Macaroni  with some Salt and Pepper at the last and turn off the Heat.
5- let it rest 10 min before Serving .

Garnish with some cilantro leaves and cheese if Desired.

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